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How we spend your donation

  Susanne Muskita
  27 Jul 2021

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award for Maluku

Yayasan Heka Leka and Bahasa Basusara proudly present the first award centre in eastern Indonesia

  Susanne Muskita
  21 Jul 2021

Happy Birthday to Us!

Join us on Saturday 22nd May to celebrate our 1st Anniversary.

  Susanne Muskita
  18 May 2021

My historical connection with Maluku by Amanda Johnston

A tutor’s personal journey into the past

  Susanne Muskita
  13 May 2021

Book review - Role models

70 faces, 70 stories, over 70 years

  Brian Mahulette
  09 May 2021

Mountains are not a dumping ground for trash

Tree planting and trash collecting on Ala-Ala Buton

  Susanne Muskita
  29 Apr 2021

The role of a facilitator - an interview with Ode Fanti

“Make them feel at ease – it’s okay to make mistakes”

  Susanne Muskita
  29 Apr 2021

A spotlight on artist Suzette Huwae

Proceeds of live paintings to go to Bahasa Basudara

  Susanne Muskita
  26 Apr 2021

And the Winner is...V-I-L-A-N-D-R-A!

The first Big Bahasa Basudara Contest had many winners

  Susanne Muskita
  20 Apr 2021

The Big Bahasa Basudara Spelling Bee

Our first online version of the classic Word Game

  Susanne Muskita
  12 Mar 2021

Bahasa Basudara Breaking News

We are now a Community Interest Company (CIC)

  Susanne Muskita
  05 Mar 2021

Book review – Horizon Beyond, biography of a successful Moluccan entrepreneur

Life lessons and Business tips from Julius Tahija

  Jeff Malaihollo
  03 Mar 2021