Pengalaman Seorang Tutor Bahasa Belanda - Evert Solisa

Experience of a Dutch Tutor - Evert Solisa

  Jeff Malaihollo
  28 Oct 2020

"Always believe in yourself, there are many paths that lead to success" – Rocky Hehakaija

She broke the glass ceiling of male-dominated (street)football

  Susanne Muskita
  26 Oct 2020

A passionate lady with green fingers and the right attitude – Elsye Latuheru

How her leadership skills contributed to the Moluccan society

  Susanne Muskita
  01 Oct 2020

#Bastorisabulan Challenge - Improve your English in 31 days with Bahasa Basudara

Join the #bastorisabulan challenge there are prizes to be won!

  Nataly Sopacuaperu
  22 Sep 2020

Kickstart - a new mentorship programme for promising Moluccan entrepreneurs

Empowering the Next Generation of Moluccan Entrepreneurs in Maluku

  Nataly Sopacuaperu
  14 Sep 2020

An Extraordinary and Honorable Man – Pak Doni Monardo

His Golden Touch is Changing the Future of Maluku

  Susanne Muskita
  13 Sep 2020

Youth of Maluku tidy up Salahutu Mountain

They all came together to protect our nature

  Abdul Maskur Marasabessy
  12 Sep 2020

Movie night - Cahaya dari Timur: Beta Maluku

The Bahasa Basudara’s Social Media Team presented their first live event.

  Nataly Sopacuaperu
  07 Sep 2020

Born in Ambon - Made it in the USA

She defied her mother who wanted her to be a lawyer, instead she became an accomplished entrepreneur

  Susanne Muskita
  03 Sep 2020

A Moluccan picnic in St James’ Park London

It had been some time, but after seven months we finally met up again.

  Jeff Malaihollo
  03 Sep 2020

We proudly present – the first Bahasa Basudara English certificates!

After twelve weeks the first certificates have been awarded - read what the students thought of their courses.

  Susanne Muskita
  25 Aug 2020

Satu Keluarga, Satu Maluku – a webinar summary of the history of Moluccans in the Netherlands

A journey into the unknown

  Susanne Muskita
  24 Aug 2020