We proudly present – the first Bahasa Basudara English certificates!

It’s official! The first Bahasa Basudara students have received their certificates and the feedback from the first courses has been overwhelmingly positive. If you have not received your certificate yet, don’t worry, it is coming!

Confidence and motivation were the two words that seemed to crop up in many of the comments. Many pointed out that their tutors had been very patient and that it was a fantastic opportunity to learn from highly educated Moluccans who were humble and still cared about young Moluccans.

The courses with Bahasa Basudara made them more confident in speaking English and unlike being taught at school, they thought that it was a more playful way to learn and improve their language skills. Some wanted more emphasis on grammar, whilst others were quite happy with what they had achieved so far and realised that they needed to practice more.

Not only did these courses boost their confidence, but they also felt that it expanded their general knowledge of the world around them. They learnt to listen to what others had to say, formed their own opinions and got to know their fellow students, which in turn widened their network of people and improved their social skills.

It motivated them to look for greater goals and to think outside the box. To dare to dream bigger!

One mentioned that it increased his awareness of the value of time and that his time management had improved. Whilst another said he had become more conscious about money and stopped wasting phone credits on useless things so he could attend his classes.

Even though we had some teething problems and challenges at the start, the result after twelve weeks is something to be proud of. Of course, this couldn’t have happened without the input of (first)time tutors and facilitators – they too should be proud of their achievements.

So, thank you for paving the way and hopefully many more Moluccan students, facilitators and tutors will follow in your footsteps!