Announcement Bakudapa 2022

Photography: Paullexart (@paullexart)

Check your diaries, save the day 12th February 2022 and register now: Meeting Registration - Zoom. Please note this meeting is for Tutors and Facilitators only.

Where would we be without our tutors and facilitators? Nowhere really, as they play a key role in the smooth running of the Bahasa Basudara organisation. A class without a tutor or facilitator would just not be possible, which is why we thought it was high time for another big Bakudapa 2022 next month.

Since our last meeting in June 2020 (when only tutors attended), a lot has changed at Bahasa Basudara. We thought it would be good to invite all our tutors again, even if you’ve only done one class, or are registered but haven’t had the chance to tutor yet and of course, the trusted right-hand people of the tutors – the facilitators.

Like all our other get-togethers, it’s going to be fun, informative, interactive with quizzes and surveys, and you’ll have the chance to meet other Moluccan tutors from around the world. We expect it will last around 90 minutes, but knowing how much we all like to chat, perhaps count on a two-hour duration instead.

So, what can you expect?

Where we stand

Jeff Malaihollo will be looking back at the past 21 months and will most likely rattle off our impressive list of achievements and milestones. 

Cultural differences

Tirsa Kailola, who by the way is our first short term BB employee, is going to give a presentation on cultural differences. Just because we are all Moluccan doesn’t mean that we all automatically and immediately understand each other. There may be some (inter)generational differences, you may have a different style of teaching. Tirsa will explain it all and she can also give you some valuable tips and tricks on how to deal with these barriers.

A safe digital space

This may sound boring, but Brian Mahulette from our Social Media team will make it very interesting. He will tackle the all-important GDPR. A  mouthful we know, but it stands for General Data Protection Regulation. Those who live in the EU have most likely come across these rules on data protection and privacy. Brian will explain the rules and regulations in the form of a quiz.

Toolbox for tutors

Run out of ideas and are you in dire need of some inspiration for your lessons? Don’t worry as Tirsa (yes, it’s her again), will be sharing some lesson plans that she has put together. She will also quickly explain how you can use the Resources and Forum pages on our website and introduce you to the new Audiobooks, which have been kindly compiled and read by students from the British School Jakarta (BSJ).

The Future

Is bright and will undoubtedly be challenging at times. Nataly Sopacuaperu will go into more detail about our recruitment drive, as we need more volunteers who want to become more involved. She’ll also talk about exciting future projects and give you an update on our upcoming poetry Anthology and annual Spelling Bee Contests.

Q&A session

And finally...your opinion matters, and in this last session, you can share your experiences and ask questions to anyone from the Bahasa Basudara Team.

See you on Saturday 12th February 2022!