#Bastorisabulan Challenge - Improve your English in 31 days with Bahasa Basudara

Bastorisabulan Challenge 

Bahasa Basudara invites you to join the  #Bastorisabulan Challenge in October 2020. The challenge is set up for you to speak and/ or improve your English in 31 days. 


How does it work?

Every week we will reveal questions in English and for you the task to answer the question in English in a video and post it using the hashtag #bastorisabulan on your social media. 


What can I win? 

We are giving away every week 1 mini book and by the end of the month the following books:

1.      In the shadow of mount Nunusaku - Dieter Bartels (Bahasa Indonesian version) 

2.      The Culture Map - Erin Meyer

3.      How to win  - Dr Rob Yeung

Weekly prizes:

1.    Do what makes your soul shine  - Inspiring quotes by several people  

2.     You are so awesome -  Inspiring quotes by several people

3.     You got this - Inspiring quotes by several people

4.     Quotes to live by - Michelle Obama

Good luck! 

Team Bahasa Basudara 

Terms and conditions

1.      This promotion is available from 1st October 00.01 to 31st October 23.59 (WIT) and is open to all students of Bahasa Basudara 

2.      All students of Bahasa Basudara should at least participate a minimum of 21 days (tasks) in order to compete in the Bastorisabulan overall competition within 1st - 31st October. 

3.      All students of Bahasa Basudara should at least participate a minimum of 5 days (tasks) in order to compete in the weekly Bastorisabulan challenge. To specify Week 1: 1-7 October, Week 2; 8-14 October, Week 3; 15-21 October, Week 4; 22-31 October. The weekly prizes can only be won once throughout the challenge but participants are able to win in a weekly and the monthly prize. 

4.      Students of Bahasa Basudara can only send in 1 video per day - only the first video will be taken into consideration

5.      By entering the competition you agree and accept the Terms and Conditions

6.      No tutors of Bahasa Basudara may take part in the competition - we will put them in a separate pool if they do wish to join. The prize is honour. 

7.      Bahasa Basudara may, at any time, make minor amendments to this Promotion to correct typographical errors or to improve on clarity or students experience and may cancel this Promotion for legal or regulatory reasons.

8.      Bahasa Basudara accepts no responsibility whatsoever for system or connection problems that might affect any end user during any of these Promotions.

9.      Bahasa Basudara’s decisions in respect of any matter(s) concerning a Promotion are final.

10.    Bahasa Basudara reserves the right to change or cancel the competition at any time.