The Big Bahasa Basudara Spelling Bee

Date: Saturday 10th April 2021
Time: 4pm WIT / 2pm WIB / 8am BST / 9am CEST
Audience registration: - and you will be given your unique link.

Join us on Saturday 10th April 2021, when some of our students will be competing in the first online Bahasa Basudara Spelling Contest. Presented by Tirsa Kailola from our Social Media Team and with Jeff Mailahollo as the pronouncer, it’s guaranteed to be a fun afternoon.

Watch it live and support your classmate, student, family member or friend. The first three will go on the Grand Final in December 2021. Each participant will receive a certificate and the first five will receive a trophy. There will also be mobile data vouchers for numbers one, two and three.

Spelling Bee with a twist
This is our own Bahasa Basudara version of the Spelling Bee for students aged 12 to 17 years. Selected by their tutors, Bahasa Basudara students from Walang Belajar, Jakarta and the State Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIN) and some independent students, will be competing against each other. The Contest will be based on the words that have been used in four articles on various topics, and that have already been discussed in class. Instead of just memorising (new) words, we thought that this collective approach in class with the tutors, would not only encourage conversation and comprehension of the subjects, but also create a discussion on the use and definition of the (new) words.

There will be four rounds and students who misspell their word are eliminated from the competition. If all students misspell their words in a round, no one will be eliminated, and the round will start over.

The fifth and final round
When only two students are left in the competition, the rules of the game change slightly. If the first student misspells a word, the second student must spell it correctly and must also spell the next word on the list correctly to win the spelling bee. If the second student fails to spell the first word correctly, a new word is given to the first student to spell. If the second student fails to spell the second word correctly, the first student has a chance to spell it. The bee ends when a student successfully spells both words.

The fifth round will be a selection of randomly picked words, which the participants haven’t practised, and which means that we will be tapping into their vocabulary of words.

The four judges will make all the decisions regarding whether the words are spelt correctly. As this will be done via Zoom, students need to make sure that they face the camera properly so the judges can see their lip movements and make sure they understand what word they are spelling. If one of the judges feels that the speller does not understand the word, he can work with the pronouncer and speller until all parties reach an understanding of the word.

When & How to register

The Bahasa Basudara Spelling Bee Contest will be held via Zoom on Saturday 10th April 2021 at 4pm WIT / 2pmWIB / 8am BST / 9am CEST.

Register as soon as possible:, as places will be limited. Those who have registered will be given their unique joining details, but please note that for logistical reasons the online waiting room will be closed at 4pm WIT / 2pm WIB / 8am BST / 9am CEST sharp, so don’t be late.