Support Bahasa Basudara

People are more than willing to donate, as long as they know where their money will go to. So here are a few initiatives that Bahasa Basudara CIC will spend your donation on. Of course, we’ll make sure that every penny counts…

Our main aim is to help improve the education of the students in Maluku in the long term, through several projects. Here are some of our initiatives:

* We will enable us to buy laptops, modems, speakers and screens and to distribute these to communities in remote areas. So far we have supported the villages of Ema and Hukurila on Ambon Island.

* To create internet hubs all over Maluku, so all our students have access to the internet and can continue their online lessons without any disruptions, even when they live in remote villages.

* To send books to Maluku and support the libraries and remote communities. We have sent over 260 English language books (including some Dutch and German language books) to the Language Study Centre at Pattimura University in Ambon.  See attachment for the Thank You letter.  

*  To buy second-hand smartphones which can be shared by economically disadvantaged students in Maluku. This will enable them to study online.

At the moment there are two ways that you can contribute:

By running the Dam tot Damloop (10 miles | 16km) on Sunday 19th September in The Netherlands and add your name to the Bahasa Basudara GoFundMe page. 
If you want to join us, please sign up: (10M - Recreational) and drop us an email: [email protected], with your name and a phone number so we can send you more details.

Due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions, this event has been cancelled, but we're confident that more will follow. We will keep you posted.

The other option is to buy a
raffle ticket, with the chance to win one of Suzette Huwae’s unique paintings.  Moluccan artist Suzette Huwae has created 3 paintings exclusively for the virtual IKAT exhibition and will raffle off her paintings of Chelina Manuhutu and Rocky Hehakaija. The proceeds of this raffle will be donated to Bahasa Basudara.