Bahasa Basudara Breaking News

It’s official now. Bahasa Basudara has become a Community Interest Company (CIC) and is registered in England and Wales.

As you all know, we are getting bigger by the day and with growth comes responsibility, so we thought it was high time to address our future existence.  Although we have always been administratively and financially independent, we are now legally independent as well.

The primary purpose of a CIC is to help the community; or in Bahasa Basudara’s case, to support the educational and social needs of Moluccan communities in Maluku and across Indonesia. Unlike a charity we are not dependent on donations and fundraising, and we are not being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners.

A CIC on the other hand was easier to set up, but still has the flexibility and certainty of a company. Any profits or surpluses that we may make will be reinvested back into the company, or the community.

Our newly gained status will allow us to officially apply for grants and funding which is likely going to support us to develop a more sustainable social enterprise in the future.