Our latest partner – Women’s Empowerment Forum Maluku

We all know that education is a human right and that every child in Maluku deserves a proper education. The pandemic, however, brought up to the fore, the need for better facilities, access and assistance to some economically disadvantaged students in Maluku. As schools had to close and more students were forced to follow their lessons online, it became clear that some were left out as they only had limited access to online lessons.


The Women’s Empowerment Movement Maluku (FPPM) teamed up with the Ambon Pintar  Movement and set up the Children of Maluku initiative. The intention was to help those students who had difficulties to follow the lessons online due to lack of proper equipment. They came up with the plan to purchase mobile phones and hands these out to students who needed them most, so they could continue their online education.


The FPPM reached out to Bahasa Basudara with the request to donate second-hand mobile phones. As a community interest charity with a special focus on language and education, we were more than happy to be part of this initiative. With the donations that we have received ourselves, we pledged enough money to FPPM, so they were able to buy ten new mobile phones to support ten students (nine at elementary school and one at university) in their education.

Your donations are important, so do keep giving, either by joining a charity run, buying a raffle ticket, or just by making a small monetary donation to Bahasa Basudara. We will always make sure that your donation is well-spent and that every penny is accounted for.