Grammar - a necessary evil

Some love it, some hate it – Grammar. Let’s face it, it wasn’t the most interesting subject when we were at school and even though we all use it, we really try to avoid talking about it. It’s the elephant in the (class)room. Infinitive doesn’t that have anything to do with Star Trek, and what do you mean by Conjunctive, is that something we get when we have an eye infection?

Unless you teach a language as a profession or are learning a second or even third foreign language, there’s no need to talk about grammar. Most likely because we can’t remember it all anymore and are afraid to make mistakes.

When you’re reading this, you’re probably already teaching a few classes and some of you are probably silently hoping that the students stick to Conversational English and don’t ask those pesky, ‘But Why’ grammatical questions. Like, when do you use the Past Tense and when should you use the Past Perfect Tense or when is something a Preposition, Adverb or Adjective. And what was the difference again between a Noun and a Pronoun, or even a Conditional and a Clause.

Luckily, there’s always a teacher or facilitator present during the lessons, who can (hopefully) get you out of that tricky grammar situation. Bahasa Indonesia in that respect is an easier language to learn than English. There’s no messing around with Singulars, Plurals or Articles, let alone the dreaded Conjugation of a Verb.

Fear not, all will be revealed soon. We’re working hard on our Resources page, which should answer all your questions on grammar. English grammar by the way, as German is even more mind-boggling. We’ll also be creating a Chat room for tutors, where you can test your fellow tutors on their language knowledge.

Soon you’ll be able to brush up on that dreaded grammar and you’ll be able to rattle it off confidently and without any trouble!