Special Events

Jendela Maluku

Celebrate International Friendship Day with Museum Maluku and Bahasa Basudara Café!

Get ready for an extraordinary celebration of International Friendship Day on July 30th! Museum Maluku in The Netherlands and Bahasa Basudara Café in Ambon are teaming up for an incredible 6-hour livestream that will bridge the gap between the Netherlands and the Moluccas. The event promises a vibrant mix of culture, music, dance, and the exciting opportunity to connect with new friends across the globe.


In Ambon, we warmly invite everyone to join us at Bahasa Basudara Café, the central spot to experience this event. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, attendees can gather at Museum Maluku to enjoy the performances and the real-time digital exchange with the Moluccas. Join us, enjoy the program, and experience the unique connection between these two locations.


Don't miss this special day and come to Museum Maluku or Bahasa Basudara Café to celebrate an unforgettable International Friendship Day together!


Date: Tuesday, July 30th

Time: 11.00 AM – 17.00 PM NL time/6 PM – 12 AM Ambon time

Location: Museum Sophiahof in The Hague & Bahasa Basudara Café in Ambon




11:00 AM NL/6:00 PM Ambon: Welcome Bahasa Basudara Café & Museum Maluku welcome you to Jendela Maluku.

11:15 AM NL/6:15 PM Ambon: Introductions
Get to know Museum Maluku, Bahasa Basudara, and Bahasa Basudara Café better through short videos about the organization.


11:30 AM NL / 6:30 PM Ambon: Ukulele performance by Kabarezsy Football Club Kabarezsy FC was founded in 2018 and is based in Airlouw, Ambon. Here, boys and girls are trained equally. In addition to training local children (including those from Amahusu, Seri, and Latuhalat), Kabarezsy actively involves children from Waiheru, Hitu, Hila, Negeri Lima, Passo, Tawiri, Mamala, Morella, Tulehu, Wainuru and Gemba (West Seram) in competitions, coaching clinics and other activities. Respecting each other's backgrounds and working together for a peaceful Maluku are key values for Kabarezsy. Apart from football, Kabarezsy encourages children to develop other skills, including playing the ukulele.


12:00 PM NL/7:00 PM Ambon: Dance performance by Toisapu English Club

Toisapu English Club started in May 2023 and consists of about 20 children aged 10 to 15 years. The children learn traditional Moluccan dances such as tari lenso, saureka-reka, and katreji, all under the guidance of Bapa Cepu.


12:30 PM NL/7:30 PM Ambon: Tour of Museum Maluku
Take an exclusive tour of Museum Maluku in The Hague! Experience the 'MALUKU 2.0' exhibition by artist Mano Som live. The exhibition pays tribute to two centuries-old traditional Moluccan dance forms, menari and cakalele, with a contemporary twist.


1:00 PM NL/8:00 PM Ambon: Musical performance at Bahasa Basudara Café

The artist will be announced soon!


1:30 PM NL/8:30 PM Ambon: Musical performance at Museum Maluku

The artist will be announced soon!


2:00 PM NL/9:00 PM Ambon: Open channel

Seize the opportunity to digitally connect with people on the other side of the world. Visitors at Museum Maluku, say hello to visitors at Bahasa Basudara Café and vice versa!


5:00 PM NL/12:00 AM Ambon: End



The Bahasa Basudara Café in Ambon is free for visitors. Tickets for Museum Maluku can be purchased at the counter in the museum.


Museum Maluku admission prices

Adults: €9,50

Children (up to 4 years): Free entry

Youth (5 to 18 years): €6,50

Museumkaart: Free entry

Veterans Pass, CJP & Ooievaarspas: €6,50

Group (max. 15 people): €6,50 a person